Preventative Care

Your horse’s long-term health is our primary concern.

Your horse’s long-term health is our primary concern.

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of your horse’s healthcare program. His needs will be different depending on age, use and type. We can help you sort through the different feeds, concentrates and supplements that will help your horse maintain his heath throughout a long life.

Horses are designed to be active, and a conditioning program based on age, use and medical history will help your horse to better maintain his health.

A vaccination program helps provide protection from the most common, communicable and health-threatening equine diseases. Your horse’s age, health history, condition, and degree of exposure are all factors that will help determine a schedule for annual vaccinations.

Regular dental care assures that your horse is able to chew comfortably, and most effectively start the process of utilizing his feed. Annual dental checkups and floating when needed will help maintain the effectiveness and longevity of your horse’s teeth.