The Foot – Hoof Evaluation and Balance

“No Foot, No Horse”

The management of your horse’s feet is one of the most important factors in the soundness and function of your equine athlete and partner.  Horses are born with symmetrical feet: equal heel lengths, even coronary band, frog in the center of the foot, central sulcus bisecting the foot into mirror images. These important norms are shaped by the load the foot experiences, like a tree’s shape responds to the winds of the seasons. Sheared heels, quarter cracks, white line abnormalities, and coronary band distortions are often the results of the uneven load the hoof suffers. For more than 25 years, we have been objectively measuring, documenting, adjusting, and treating these resulting abnormalities.  We are available for evaluation, consultation, farrier communication, and in-clinic therapy.